About a Girl

I’m a 5-foot (when I reach), 17 year old high school student who doesn’t think the way adults tend to think we think. This blog is my setting out to prove that not all teenagers are airheads, that some of us care about real things and some of us can form somewhat cogent thoughts and write them down for the world to see. I sincerely hope you enjoy my blog and I hope I can reel you back in for more as I have set a goal to post to this page at least once a week, but don’t fret. I think I’m already addicted. Writing has always been a passion of mine and this blog is not only proof that teenagers can be intellectuals, it is also me attempting to find where my passions lie and to create a pathway that will lead me to a fulfilling lifestyle. I’m open to suggestions on content and will definitely write for many of them so feel free to leave comments on my blogs requesting topics. I’m very open minded and very opinionated, which tend to not mix well. But hey, isn’t it the job of a teenager to be confused? Anyway, I hope you enjoy and recommend me to your colleagues.

-Han Duckworth, 17


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